In our opinion selfless sharing of knowledge and heritage, is the epitome of the love of humanity. So here we are, sharing the essence of our heritage, “spice”.

There is a common misconception that Spice = HOT, unpalatable food. We would like an opportunity to redefine this misconception.  Spice = flavor, aroma, and variety.

We invite you to engage with your pallet and senses in an adventurous and exciting path to creating and enhancing the sensational dishes in your kitchen. We present to you a range of authentic spices, whole spices, ground spices, herbs and marinades. A selection of quality products to meet your cooking needs.

In addition to spices, we offer a range of incense, oils, rice, lentils and much more. For your convenience we have added the uses and benefits of each spice as well as recipes.

Peruse our online shop at your leisure, order in the comfort of your home and have your purchase delivered to your door.