Terms and Conditions


The Kurry Mantra does not guarantee that all products will be available at all times. However, in the case that there is an item unavailable that you may need within a short period of time, please feel free to email us at sales@thekurrymantra.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the unfortunate event that our website has accepted an order with complete payment and a specific product is unavailable, we will either refund the entire order or just the affected item. We will then also notify you, via email as soon as the required product is available again.

In the case that you require an item that is not displayed on our website, please feel free to email us at sales@thekurrymantra.com and we will get back ASAP with a response regarding your request.

The Kurry Mantra also reserves the right to remove a product from it’s website at any time. The images displayed on our website are not complete identities of the item you may receive but please be assured that the product delivered to your doorstep will be accurate.

In the case that we have accidentally dispatched the incorrect item, please feel free to notify us within ten days of delivery and we will rectify the issue immediately.

The Kurry Mantra doesn’t accept liability to you or to any third patry arising out of reliance being placed on product availability or product description or composition as stated on the website outside of immediate context and purpose of your purchase of the product.


The prices of the products found on our website are displayed and payable in Rands. However, The Kurry Mantra reserves the right to change prices without notice at any given time.

In the case that you have placed an order before effective price change, you will be charged the price agreed to/ displayed at time of purchase.

The Kurry Mantra does not accept any liability to you or any third party arising out of reliance being placed on prices quoted on the Website outside of the immediate context and purpose of the placement of a purchase order


All payments on The Kurry Mantra are cash only. The price allocated to you on our checkout page at the end of purchase is the final amount required which also includes shipping and cost of items. 

In order for a transaction to be considered complete, you are required to complete full payment online and your order to be placed. Your order is then finalised once you have received an email confirming your purchase.

In order to complete payment we require you to have a valid credit/ debit card (virtual cards are also permitted) with which you can transact using PayFast or Direct Bank Transfers/EFT.


The Kurry Mantra is completely driven to bring you the freshest and highest of quality spices and products. We ensure that all the products sold are free to be used in their usaul and ordinary purpose as well as provided in our product descriptions. It is also important to us that clients receive their requested products as displayed on our website and we ensure that all the products will correspond with their displays on our website.

Returns Policy:

Should it occur that you are not completely satisfied with the item purchased on our website , The Kurry Mantra will accept the return of the item in accordance with its Return Policy.

Any unwanted products may be returned or exchanged as long as they comply with the following regulations: (i) it is undamaged and unused, with its original labels attached; (ii) it is in its original packaging, which must be returned undamaged and unopened; (iii) you email your request to sales@thekurrymantra.com within 7 business days of delivery; (iv) you have the original receipt which was delivered to you, and (v) you bear the cost of return delivery. The Kurry Mantra at its own discretion, will replace the product or refund you with the purchase price.

In the case that The Kurry Mantra has delivered the incorrect product to you, it will collect the product from you at no extra charge. The Kurry Mantra will also deliver the correct product to your doorstep within 7 business days at no extra charge to you however, should you choose differently, The Kurry Mantra will refund you the purchase cost of the product.

If you return a product that does not abide by the regulations of our Returns Policy, you may be liable for the cost of delivery to and from you.